This site presents many reasons to believe that our country is so rich by its men, its biodiversity, its culture, etc which it is in right to have a media window likely to present it to the world under the most perfect image. However, the site is still at the youthful stage and much of new studies and research are necessary. The protection of the biodiversity, the environment and the cultural heritage in relation to this biodiversity passes obligatorily by an inventory of fixtures in all these fields. The completion of these tasks will require an adequate support, but such a support is not obtained easily through the traditional sources. If the ideas presented in this site inspire to you, and if you have the capacity to help, I need your assistance.
All the donations and facilities, in some form that is (purchases of materials, dealt with of displacements, lodging, etc) will be deeply appreciated and used with an only aim of improving this site which is also yours. For any extra information on the various forms of assistance, please contact to me with the address : abderrazak.marouf{@}gmail.com