Photographs and identification:

M.Abderrazak MAROUF:

Laboratory of Vegetable Biochemistry and the Natural substances Department of Biology Faculty of Science University of Oran B.P. 1524 El-Menouar, 31000 Oran, Algeria Email: abderrazak.marouf [At] (antispam measurement)

About the web site

This inventory, based mainly on the "New flora of Algeria" (Quezel and Santa, 1962), was compiled by Abderrazak Marouf and comprises certain additions and actualizations.

The list is in conformity with the code of Saint Louis 2.000 (e.g. codes of Tokyo).

Many plants of this inventory are illustrated (click simply on the bond when there exists). .


The species being reproduced on the red list are underlined and followed of their statute: (E) = in danger; (V) = vulnerable; (R) = rare and (I) = unspecified.


Photographs and identification:

The images which you can discover through this site are original photographs, in situ catches. These images are agrandissables. The usual resolution is of 600x800 pixels. The identification of the species is the work of the author of the site. The visitors are requested to announce to the webmaster any possible error. This site will grow rich with the wire by time, made a visit regularly to discover new plants there.


Royalty and use of information:

This collection of photographs and the text which accompanies it is the result of many years of hard work by the author of this Web site. These photographs can be used by any person for in an educational goal and use with nonlucrative goal. For the other uses, contact the author. When you use these images, please mention its source and to include the mention of the copyright "©Marouf." Thank you.